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Retina.it is Lino Monaco and Nicola Buono.

They met at the beginning of the 90's where both engaged in various neapolitan clubs.
After discovering to have the same interests, tastes and bents on music, they decided to create something together. In '94 they met dj Rino Cerrone and together they gave birth to the Qmen, one of the first Tekno Neapolitan project. With this name the trio sent to press 3x 12" with italian and foreign labels. Lino and Nicola's interest, more inclined to research, had made them put in reserve their attention to techno music devote themselves to the studying of new sound solutions for more than 4 years.
From the ashes of Qmen, Retina.it project rises. Their music soon impressed the Hefty Records of Chicago favourably and they decided to publish their exordium Lp "Volcano waves 1-8" (2001) 8 pieces among experimentation, spaces passages and rhythmic vibrations, heritage of a common tekno background never denied. After the record, some 12" and an Ep (Immediate Actions) followed, in which they proposed different point of views, always in mutations from which you can examine the electronic matter.
Waiting for the release of their new work the Retina.it appeared with some of their pieces often unreleased in various compilations, among which recycling buzz for the french label Amanita records, Batofar cheche l'Italie, cared by Batofar of Paris, on the italian underground scene, and the two collection of the Hefty Immediate action and Sample this (enclosed to " the wire "magazine).
They also attempted remix (la gatta mammona by 99 Posse) and cooperations, among which those with the DRM, and with Nous (an electronic music project composed by Marco Messina and Meg) in a piece for the soundtrack of the performance " The tempest" (Shakespeare). Among the productions the participation at output 01, a sound document regarding the exhibition At St. Severo al pendino's church in 2001 in occasion of the sintesi festival, have to be pointed out.
The duet, together with Marco Messina (99 posse) in 2003 gave birth to their own label "Mousikelab" which published "Opinio omnium" Resina's first work, synthesis of the names Retina.it - Messina, apart from being the name of one of the oldest part of Campania, now named Ercolano.
2004 was been the year of the second album release titled "S/T" still on Mousikelab . In November of the same year the duo went to USA for their first Hefty IA minitour with TelefonTelAviv and L'Altra.
In july 2005 Retina.it plus Marco Messina (Resina) were been invited to open Kraftwerk show at Neapolis Festival.
In april 2006 Retina.it participate at Hefty's anniversary party in Berlin, with T. Raumshmiere,Slicker, Eliot Lipp.
Also, to celebrate it , Hefty released 3 CDs titled "history is Bunk vol.1+2" and " 10 years hefty digest" , with guests such as R. Sakamoto, H. Hosono, Jan Jelinek, Prefuse 73, J.Edgar etc. Where Retina.it is present with, Anticamera dei dubbi; Agni from their first cd Volcano waves; Machinaw peeper division , a collaborative track with Slicker and Sts9.
With Hefty's rooster they were been invited at 13ª edition of Sonar 2006.
In May of the same year the first publication of an ep for Hefty available only in digital via Itunes .
In june 2007 "Semeion" a collection of past and recent works have been released by Hefty. In the same month the duo flown to chicago together with the Hefty's boss John Hughes, they gave birth to a new project called Brood.
In april 2008 they went back again in Chicago to finish the work they started the year before.
Between 2009 and 2010 the duo was invited to collaborate with some students of the conservatory of Avellino to elaborate some classical works," Chamin de fer" by Pierre Schaeffer, and some madrigals of Carlo Gesualdo. The performances were been presented at "Flussi 2009" and "Sentieri Barocchi 2010".

During all these years Retina.it shared the stages with a lot of international acts. just to mention some:
Kraftwerk, Plaid, Alva Noto, Rechenzentrum, Pole, Apparat, Matmos, Telefon tel aviv, Ikue Mori & Zeena Parkins , Kim Cascone , Kangding Ray , Aoki Takamasa and many others .