Regia: Stefano Mastofabbro
Art Direction: Francesco Giuliani
Graphic Design: Federico Baldassarre
Musiche: Retina.it
Make up: Chiara Corsaletti
Hair styling: Danilo Spacca
Modella: Tes Linnenkoper Wonderwall Management

“Beauty is what nature has lavished upon us as a supreme gift.”
- Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933)

The inspiration for this collection comes from the words of a master in stained glass art, designer and established artist of the Art Nouveau movement, who lived between the nineteenth and twentieth century. 
A tribute to one of the design masters of the twentieth century, who created sensational depictions of nature with style, elegance and craftsmanship. 
The collection "Abat-jour" tells the story of a young woman lost in space and time, who has kept vigor, beauty and charm unaltered. 
She derides time by mocking it, and time - unaware - lets her change and transform, profuse in the purest and wildest enchantment of nature by shining its immaculate and lily light. 
The delicate designs that she wears are inspired by nature, by flowers, such as wisteria, tulips, peonies, vines and ivy, which maintain strong and vibrant colors - graphic and figurative portrayal of the Belle Époque. 
The lines and the volumes of the clothes derive from the Bon Ton shapes of the 50s and donate to the young woman a timeless elegance and a spontaneous freshness, almost recalling the shapes and features of the abat-jours.











Michel Simoncelli - Abat-jour from Melazero on Vimeo.