Regia: Pier Paolo Patti | Aiuto regia: Stefano Cormino | Sceneggiatura: Emanuele De Amicis | Pier Paolo Patti Produttore esecutivo: Nino Somma | Fotografia: Salvatore Zerbo Suono: Retina.it | Musiche: Retina.it | Asférico | Matter | Editing: Stefano Cormino | Scenario: Ciro Vitale | Mario Paolucci

‘Janvier‘ is a short movie thought and written around the universe of musical experimentation in its more intimate concerning: the protagonist“ Janvier - is a fictional character who, in a peculiar process of mingling and abstraction, creates new tools with which composes and performs his own music in countertendency to the logics and the classical dynamics of production, purely for expressive needs.
The project ‘Janvier‘ is an idea matured in the artistic partnership between Pier Paolo Patti and Retina.it, a long lasting collaboration producing music videos, motion picture arts and performances. ‘Janvier‘ is a deep reflection on the way of trying out new sounds and executing improvised electronic music.

Janvier has reached the first classified at festival "o'curt"












JANVIER (english subtitles) from MASTOFABBRO on Vimeo.