Undogmatish -2023 "UNDOGMA9"

_ RUBEDO: redness or iosis, associated with the element of fire, the philosopher's mercury, cinnabar, coagulation, sunset, the meeting between the Sun and the Moon, the androgyne as a fusion of masculine and feminine, the rebis, the marriage between soul and spirit, the alchemical wedding, the philosopher's stone, the symbol of the phoenix, Hermes, Mercury, the caduceus, Prometheus.

In the context of analytical psychology developed by Jung, rubedo represents the archetype of the self conquered at the peak of the individuation process, when the fusion between the ego and the self occurs, symbolized by a red man and a white woman. It is the union of opposites, the point where the person not only reappropriates the unconscious material that had been deceptively projected outwards, but consciously re-elaborates it on a higher level by opening up to love. He thus comes to discover his true nature, receiving the manifestation of the ego in its entirety. 

this va contains the tracks
Deus Absconditus
by Retina.it

Other Artists:

Mirco Magnani+Luc Van Lieshout, Andrea de witt, Ken Karter, Fallen, Zen Lu, and more..